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In their book Radical Marketing, Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin lay out a set of guidelines that can help other companies emulate the radical marketers. Review the list, pick three, and explain why you think they've had the most impact on changing the business and marketing environment.
1. The CEO must own the marketing function. CEOs of radical marketers never delegate marketing responsibility.
2. The marketing department must start small and flat and stay small and flat. CEOs of radical marketers must not allow layers of management to grow between them and the market.
3. Get face-to-face with the people who matter most?the customers. Radical marketers know the advantages of direct interaction with customers.
4. Use market research cautiously. Radical marketers prefer grassroots techniques.
5. Hire only passionate missionaries, not marketers. Radical marketers "don't have marketers, they have missionaries."
6. Love and respect customers as individuals, not as numbers on a spreadsheet. Radical marketers recognize that the core customers are responsible for the bulk of their companies' successes.
7. Create a community of consumers. Radical marketers "encourage their customers to think of themselves as a community, and of the brand as a unifier of that community."
8. Rethink the marketing mix. For example, radical marketers use "surgical strike advertising" characterized by short, targeted ad campaigns.
9. Celebrate common sense and compete with larger competitors through fresh and different marketing ideas. Radical marketers, for example, limit distribution in order to create loyalty and commitment among distributors and customers.
10. Be true to the brand. Radical marketers "are obsessive about brand integrity, and they are fixated on quality."


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