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    McDonald's Commercials Reflect A Country's Culture and Diversity

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    1. Find 2 Youtube examples of advertising to show how McDonald's varies its proposals in other countries different from the Asian ones.

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    American McDonald's commercial:
    The video caters to the American trend with its "All Day Breakfast" menu and the most popular American SNS culture as well as entertainment style. This makes it interesting and Americans can really relate to it because it is their own trend. Their 'tweets' reflect their preferences and so McDonald's developed an advertisement for that.
    The fastfood restaurant company knows their customers in that area want their breakfast menu to be served throughout the day so they are advertising that they acknowledge it and is giving them what they want.
    The reading out loud of the tweets is one way to entertain in the country. Based on the advertisement, McDonald's is able ...

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    Video URLs of McDonald's commercials for American, Korean and the Philippines. How they reflect each country's trends and culture are examined. The solution is 458 words with one URL reference.