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Market Research for BIPAC

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Fully critique the 2008-2009 Market Research Report for BIPAC. In your critique, determine and identify the research design that appeared to be used in the Market Research Report. Evaluate the data collection methods used for both the quantitative and qualitative data. While the actual questionnaire used is not available, analyze the questions discussed. Elaborate on the sample design and samples used. Discuss the issues of sample bias and sample size.

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This paper offers a critical analysis of BIPAC's market research report and looks at their research design and methodology used.

The purpose of a market research report is to gather objective information regarding a company's customer base and market structure. This includes areas such as customer purchasing patterns, demand, and competition. In BIPAC's market study, the research was driven by an internal analysis of employee perceptions on information their employers provided on key issues that affected the business community. Given the fact that markets in today's globalized environment are continuously changing, it is important that market research is conducted regularly and as efficiently as possible.

As we analyze the market research report by BIPAC, it is clear that they have utilized a mixed-methods methodology of qualitative and quantitative research, within a case study framework. Case studies are normally used when the goal is not a deep statistical analysis, but rather, an analysis of a specific situation within a specific boundary. It is normally ...

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The market research for BIPAC is examined.