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The time has come to develop the marketing plan for EduTot's market expansion. Your goal is to provide EduTot with research information that will be the foundation for future marketing strategy recommendations.

Part 1:
As a first step, use the small group discussion board to present a case for the use of your two countries for the initial market expansion for EduTot. The summary posting should consist of 1500-1750 words and should include discussion on the following:

selection of a country for initial expansion
market study of that country including demographics, discussion of the local economy, cultural issues relevant to EduTot, and a review of the local educational system and market.
a recommended market penetration strategy for the marketplace
Make certain your work conforms to the requirements of the APA format. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Part 2:
complete the following:

Select which country will be the target for the initial expansion.
Discuss the following in the selected expansion country:
*demographic research
*economic research
*legal and political considerations
*local educational system

Part 3:
Based on the work you did , develop a summary plan to be sent to the president of EduTot that explains how you will incorporate the following:
*promotional plan using integrated marketing communication (IMC)
*any partnerships
*placement (distribution) strategies
*pricing strategies

My Countries are Singapore and Japan

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The response address the queries posted in 1745 words with references.
// Before discussing the main part of the paper, it is important to give an introduction about what should be discussed in the paper and what things will be outlined by the marketing plan. The paper will discuss about the 'Marketing Plan' for EduTots and this will help in explaining the requirements of the plan. //


This paper describes about the marketing plan for the expansion of EduTots which is an educational organization and deals in education based products and services. I have selected Singapore and Japan as the two target countries for the initial expansion plan. There is a brief description of various factors such as demographic, local education system, ethical, economic and legal & political system which play a significant role in the development of marketing strategies for the expansion of business in different countries. Apart from this, it also describes about the summary plan which include different strategies such as promotional, placement and pricing in order to recommend for marketing plan.

This research paper will assist the reader to gain insight about those factors which are necessary for the analysis and implementation of business strategies in an effective manner.

// After discussing the introductory section; now, this section will discuss about the various factors that will be considered for the marketing plan of the Company. It will focus on factors like selection of country, demographic research, economic research, local educational system and legal and political considerations //

Selection of country

On the basis of comparison between Singapore and Japan, I have selected Singapore for the initial expansion, as there are mush obligations in Japanese political and education system in comparison to Singapore. Singapore will be the target country for the initial expansion plan for EduTots, as there are lots of opportunities in this country for the successful implementation of different strategies for business purpose.

Demographic Research

Most of the people in Singapore are Chinese or we can say there is an ethnic culture of Chinese people that exists in this country. Married couples who are working are more in numbers in this country as compared to other countries. People here believe in the concept of family intimacy. The age and family structure in Singapore has changed now, as the people are focusing on the high standards of urban life style. On the basis of research it can be said that the number of white collar jobs are higher than blue collar jobs in Singapore. There is a tremendous shift in its population at geographic level. Citizens here are more forward in terms of fashion and style. The people here are more conscious about their religious aspects and follow the rules and regulations of the religion with due consideration. People in this country are more oriented towards the tourism activities (Schiffman, and Kanuk, 1983).

Economic research

On the basis of ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1745 words with references.

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