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    Organization change setting - failure of a leader and leadership

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    Using an organizational development and change setting as the basis, develop a problem situation reflective of a leadership style and its failure. Provide a background of the situation, describe the critical incident by the leader that caused the leadership to fail, its impact on the organization and employees, and what could have been done to prevent the situation. Please cite OD theories to support the situation.

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    //Before writing about the situation on organizational development, it is essential to have knowledge about 'Organizational Development'. One should know about the role of leadership in the organizational development, which further will aid in analyzing the situation in an effective manner.//

    Organizational development refers to a broad range of strategies used for improving an organization. In the improvement of an organization, there is a key role of organization development. It contributes comprehensive changes in an organization and it is suitable for improving organizational performance on long term basis. Organizational change leads to a modification in existing system of an organization. Organization is not static in nature and it keeps changing according to the external environment. It adds a new balance between different components of the organization. Leadership refers to the authority or dominance which influences the other's behavior to achieve preset goals. Leadership styles are forms of behavior that a leader follows to influence the followers' behavior to achieve the organizational goals and objectives (Luthans, 1998).

    //Above is the discussion of organizational development. Now, as per the directions, explanation about the 'Situational Analysis' is to be discussed.//

    Situational Analysis

    Transnet is a public organization dealing in freight transport and logistics comprising its rail, port and pipeline assets in South Africa. Transnet is contributing more than six percent in GDP of South Africa and is an integral part of South African economy (Transnet, 2008).

    Louise Tager was the first female head of the Law Faculty at the University of the Witwatersrand. Tager was appointed in April 1990 to bring expertise in the organization. After evaluating her performance, she was appointed to the position of chairperson of the Transnet in January 1996. She served the Transnet for many years as a chairman.

    The leadership style practiced by her is Autocratic Leadership of power orientation. This style is also known as authoritarian or directive style. In this style, the decision making authority is hold by the leader only. The employees follow the instructions given by the leader and they feel insecure because of the leader's authority. The employees are more dependent on the leader and they lack individuality and motivation (Prasad, 2008).

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