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Leadership Failure After a Critical Incident

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Using an organizational development and change setting as the basis, develop a problem situation reflective of a leadership style and its failure.

Provide a background of the situation, describe the critical incident by the leader that caused the leadership to fail, its impact on the organization and employees, any legal or moral impact, and what could have been done to prevent the situation.

Please cite OD theories to support the situation.

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//The given discussion paper is based on the organizational change process. In this discussion paper, the failure of the leadership in response to the critical incident is described. This discussion is having the explanation of a real person named Jack Norris as a leader.//

Jack Norris was made in charge of a team of six people at Harrison Inc. As an employee, Jack had established himself very well and had been the winner of employee of the year award for the three consecutive years. The management at Harrison thought very highly of him and counted on him for the tough assignments. The management, after considering Jack's credentials and record, made him in charge of a team. This team was supposed to work on a project which was expected to be completed by the end of the third week. This project was from an important client of the organization.

Jack, while taking up the new responsibility, was over enthusiastic about the project. Jack wanted to complete the project well before time. He expected the same kind of performance from every member of the team. Unfortunately, not all the members of the team were capable of putting up the same kind of performance like Jack. One of the team members, Lance became the first casualty in this project. Lance could be easily termed as the slowest worker in the brunch. His record was not that bad, but he lacked the ability to meet the standards set up by Jack. Jack didn't believe in the whole concept of giving feedbacks on the performance of the individuals in the team.

Jack was not happy with the pace that the project was progressing. He expected the project to get completed by the end of the second week, which was something very difficult for the team taking in account the different capabilities of the team members. Jack got very infuriated at times, which resulted in two much heated altercations between him and the members. Jack was putting up two much pressure on the team, especially on Lance. Jack was quick enough to identify the weakest link in the team according to his standards. Jack was not very pleased with the pace of his work. He used to put Lance under constant pressure to perform. His continuous nagging was demoralizing the team, especially lance. There was no ...

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