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Can you help to start this assignment.(I will use it as a reference. I will rate myself). See the attached file detailing 10 qualities that mark a leader and help influence the leadership process. Evaluate yourself using the grid titled "How Do You Rate" found at the end of this document. Write a summary of your findings focusing on your identified strengths and weaknesses.

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I rated myself. Apparently my leadership qualities were not as strong as I had thought or hoped that they were.

In terms of vision, this is one area that I am aware that I need to work on. I am good at completing a task, once someone else comes up with the vision. My downfall is trying to actually come up with a vision myself, and attempting to find ways to resolve a problem or issue.

The second quality is ability. This is an area that I believe that I am quite successful at. If I am familiar with the job at hand, I am quite capable of ensuring its completion. Furthermore, I am good at directing others to ensure that the task is completed. When I am familiar with a project, I rarely rely on others to complete the task. Instead, I am able to lead others in achieving the required goal of completion.

Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a quality that I possess, but sometimes lack in outwardly showing the same. I am able to direct and teach someone about a desired task, and what ...

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