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Leadership Development Plan

Based on your list of expectations, and your questions and contributions in class, it is obvious that you took this course, not just to learn more about leadership - but to learn how you can become a better leader.

We have spent a considerable amount of time reading, listening, and talking about theories and their practical applications, and about traits, behaviors, skills, characteristics, and qualities of leadership ("aspects"). Ideally you have begun to become more certain in your mind about which are the most important. More germane, you have been thinking about which are most important to you.

Leadership Development Plan.

There are six specific components of the plan:

1. Discussion
2. Definition
3. Action Steps
4. People
5. Books
6. Commitment

1. Discussion:

In broad terms we covered Leadership Philosophy, Development, Motivation, Innovation, Group & Individual Decision Making, Team Dynamics, and Organizational Culture & Change.

Discuss the element(s) of Leadership you found most helpful to your development, what you thought was (were) the salient learning point(s), and discuss at least one theory which you found useful and how you might apply it.

2. Definition:

You are to pick five aspects of an effective leader that you feel you need to develop. You should seek a balance between those that are already somewhat developed in you (your strengths) and those you need to develop more (your needs).

Strengths---Intelligence, Integrity, Decisiveness
Weakness---charisma, self-confidence

For each aspect, write the following:

1. A clear and concise definition

2. Why you think this is an important

3. How you feel you rank on a scale of one to ten (ten being best) and why.

3. Three Action steps

For each of the aspect, list three very specific actions you are going to take to acquire, develop and build upon this aspect of leadership.

List a specific time to start and a specific end date for each action. Some actions may be ongoing, nevertheless, you are to list a specific set of dates during which you will perform the action.

4. Three People

List three people you feel are exceptional leaders, why you want to meet them, and what you want to talk about.

? Steve Lawler, President of University Health Systems of Eastern North Carolina
? Kim Schwartz, CEO of Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center
? Dr. Al Thompson, CEO of Bertie County Rural Health Center

Write three specific questions you want to ask (these can be the same three questions, or you may have different questions for different leaders).

? How do you encourage creative thinking within your organization?
? How do you encourage others in your organization to communicate and display the core values of the organization?
? What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

List a specific deadline within the next six months by which you will sit down and talk with each of them about leadership.

5. Three Books

You need to list three books you intend to read about leadership, why you picked each book and the intended date to read them.

On Becoming A Leader by Warren Binnis
Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will by Noel Tichy and Stratford Sherman
Leadership is an Art by Max De Pree

6. Commitment

Write a commitment to the plan and sign and date it.

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//Becoming a leader is one of the most crucial tasks, as it involves lots of aspects to be considered. One such aspect is the development of a leadership development plan. This paper focuses on the development of a leadership plan by taking into consideration, certain important aspects relevant to a leader. The following paragraph comprises of a brief discussion on the elements of leadership that are very much helpful for my development and includes an application of theory for being a better leader//.

There are various elements of leadership that have a crucial role to play in my development. The major ones include the possession of positive attitude, self belief, proper planning skills and building relationship with quality people. Positive attitude implies thinking habitually and reacting to the life's situation in a most positive manner. Self belief is also an important element to be present in every leader, as the task of a leader involves providing guidance to his subordinates. This could only be possible by having a belief in self.

A leader needs to undertake each and every step by having a proper plan for such steps, as any kind of mistake would act as a major barrier in becoming a good leader. Thus, proper planning capability is also important for a leader. Finally, leader needs to have good relations with everyone and particularly with the quality people, as it leads to the development of new qualitative ideas, which is very much essential for a leader. All these elements of leadership could be quite helpful in my development as a good leader (Kamanga, 2010).

As per my thinking, the salient learning points from the study of leadership are that the leader must possess certain qualities for becoming a good leader. These qualities include intelligence, competent, forward looking, inspiring and the most important is honesty. However, an important lesson that is learned from the discussion is that the person should have the desire to acquire all these skills, which lead him to become a good leader (Shead, 2010).

The leadership theory that will be most useful is the trait theory, which implies that the good qualities can be acquired from others through learning and experience. Trait theory emphasizes that the qualities in a leader are not inborn; rather they are being acquired during the process of conversation from others through learning and experience. This theory is quite useful, as it encourages that a leader should acquire as much of knowledge as possible through learning and experience. Thus, it seeks to enhance the qualities of a leader by encouraging him/her to learn as much as possible from others (Shead1, 2010).

This theory will be applied in gaining as much of useful information through which learning and developments can be possible, which could be applied in motivating the subordinates to perform in the most effective manner. This theory could also be applied to bring innovative ideas through which organizational culture can be changed towards a more goal oriented culture.

//After having a brief understanding about the elements of leadership that are very much helpful for my development, the following paragraph comprises of a brief description on the important aspects that are required for an effective leader and also those that are required to be developed in me for becoming a good leader//.

Although there are certain leadership qualities that are already being developed by me, but still there are many others to be acquired in order to become an effective leader. The leadership qualities that are already being possessed by me include the Intelligence, Integrity and Decisiveness. Along with this, there is a need to acquire certain others such as Charisma and self confidence, which are also very much essential for a good leader. Intelligence implies the development of expertise in all the major areas, so as to effectively ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2563 words with references.