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Developing a plan to enhance leadership

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Drawing on the concepts of leadership, analyze an organization you know well and design a plan to present to the CEO for enhancing leadership.

Kindly assist with an analysis of specific leadership strengths and weaknesses and areas needing improvement within the organization. Identify the leadership styles that are currently in use.

Please assist with design an interview protocol that addresses questions such as:
• How is leadership defined at the organization? How is it encouraged?
• What is the role of leadership in building success? Be specific about leadership behaviors and functions.
• What are the factors that inhibit effective leadership?

Approx. 700 to 800 words. Please include references.

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How is leadership defined at the organization?

Leadership is defined by the role it encompasses. Leadership is about coordination, planning, innovation, and creativity. To meet the many organizational challenges in the public and private sectors, leaders must embody the necessary skills to harness and facilitate change (Rusaw, 2001). Leaders are often called upon to assist management in an existing organization if organizational leaders have difficulty prioritizing tasks, leading a workforce, or enforcing corporate functions with the implementation of corporate policy. I've learned throughout my work experience that a leader should not consider him or herself a friend of staff but as a directive visionary, in which the leader has a vision and is capable of directing others to perform the necessary tasks to get the job done.

What is the role of leadership in building success?

Leadership requires individuals to work diligently to accomplish objectives. As we watch the United States "debt ceiling" debacle play out over the last 16 days, we can attest to the fact that leadership takes on many forms in politics. All leaders have a goal, mission, or drive for moving forward that does not always reach a positive consensus in the eyes of the public, colleagues, constituents, or stakeholders. Unfortunately, a leader must remain focused on the objective even if the objective is unpopular or incurs extreme negativity. In the wake of the economic catastrophe regarding the "debt ceiling" and the ...

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The expert develops a plan to enhance leadership. An analysis of specific leadership strengths are given.