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challenges of international and cross-cultural business comm

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If you can provide me some kind of start that would be great. Thank You

1. Describe the challenges of international and cross-cultural
business communications.

2. Discuss business communication customs on any country you choose
other than the USA. After researching the communication customs of the
country you choose, post some important information about that

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Hi there,
<br>I think I found a really good resource for you. Take a look at the following:
<br>Five Obstacles to Intercultural Communication and Understanding:
<br>1.LANGUAGE - Vocabulary, syntax, idioms, slang and dialects all cause difficulty, but the person struggling with a different language is at least aware when he/she is in difficulty. A more pronounced problem occurs when he/she thinks he/she understands. The person clings to the meaning of a word or phrase in the new language, regardless of connotation or context. The infinite variations are so impossible to cope with that they are brushed aside.
<br>2.NON-VERBAL - Every culture has a special "hum and buzz of implication." People from different cultures inhabit non-verbal sensory world. An individual abstract what is seen, heard, felt or learned into the personal world of recognition and then interprets it through the frame of reference in terms of his or her own culture. Some non-verbal signs and symbols such as gestures, postures and vocalizations can be learned once they are perceived in much the same way as a verbal language is acquired. Other signs and symbols, such as time and spatial relations, or forms of respect, status and formality, however, are more ...

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