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    Measurement of Employee Performance

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    I need to explain how to enhance the measurement of employee performance?

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    Some of the tools to enhance the measurement of employee performance are:

    Digital Data Management Services:

    Return on investment (ROI) and risk mitigation are important drivers of many corporate learning initiatives. But without proper assessments, organizations lack the ability to measure either of these attributes. The need for valid measurement is at the very core of every learning program. Knowledge training and assessment programs provide an abundant source of rich data, in multiple formats, that could transform the way your business operates.

    If not carefully supervised, the often vast amount of data generated by learning and assessments can make information management difficult. This information might include training durations, time spent on different subject areas and assessment exam questions, integrated survey responses, employee demographic information, question sequencing, correct response and test-taker response ratios, exam results, biometrics and other security data. To grasp the true potential and ROI of any corporate learning program, there must be a valid and reliable system for capturing, storing, evaluating and communicating the sheer volume of this data. Digital data management services make this possible.

    Data management lessens the administrative burden associated with managing and accessing the data from learning programs. Organizations that take advantage of these services have actionable measures of job knowledge and skill requirements, and the proof needed to validate learning and development investments. Utilizing this knowledge is essential to the creation and maintenance of any corporate-sponsored learning program, and the key to success is high-quality, trusted data that allows you to learn more about your employees' ...

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    I need to explain how to enhance the measurement of employee performance?