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Human resources website evaluation

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I'm working on a website evaluation for an HR staffing course. The 4 websites listed below have to be reviewed in terms of the quality and usefulness for the HR professional or manager.

The websites are:
1. http://www.cipd.co.uk/hr-topics/recruitment.aspx
2. http://investigativenewsnetwork.org/2013/08/recruiting-strategies-to-find-a-great-hire/
3. http://www.hcamag.com/hr-resources/recruitment/
4. www.hrmguide.com.

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1. http://www.cipd.co.uk/hr-topics/recruitment.aspx

This site is an excellent site. It has easy navigation and links that are easy to access and relate to the topics at hand. The site layout is friendly and attractive. The use of color makes it stand out while providing guidance without too much effort on the user's part.

There are information categories associated with recruitment and then links to other related topics such as employer branding, the labor market, and selection and assessment. The site offers tools for learning such as fact sheets, survey reports, and policy reports. These are presented on the recruitment page along with other categories in an easy access format. The reports and fact sheets are relevant for HR and management.

The links include not only information but community discussion and access to labor and employment laws. The other links include guides, legal time tables, Case reports, and practical tools for HR professionals to use. The CIPD also has conferences and networking, information about each is supplied on the page.

Despite all the information, the format is not busy and is easy to access. Choices can be made from titles and categories and the site even has a link to podcasts. The information provided is extensive and useful to someone not from the UK, which is where this site originates.

2. http://investigativenewsnetwork.org/2013/08/recruiting-strategies-to-find-a-great-hire/

This site and page in particular has a lot of recruiting strategies for nonprofit news organizations. It is bright and cheerful with a graphic that is eye catching. The information about ...

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Human resource website evaluations are provided. The usefulness for the HR professional or managers are given.

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