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Communicating Pertinent Business Data

Various types of data is collected as a part of comprehensive program development, including outcomes data, process evaluation data, human resource data, financial data, and compliance and quality improvement data.

1.Can you explain what each of the 5 data types are. Also, how would one go about analyzing it?

2. Who should this information be shared with and why?

3. How often should the information be shared and through what medium(s)?

Please address each question separately when responding.

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1. Outcomes data is the statistical data that is compiled that describes the outcome of a given business activity or program. An example of outcomes data would be an achievement of a 80% of the goals that were attempted by a community improvement program/effort. Process evaluation data is essentially the data that is compiled from the evaluation of a given process within an organization, etc. this would include data that represents the efficiency of a given process or set of processes. Human resource data includes the totality of data concerning human resources within a given organization, such as the number of staff, the educational level of staff, the productivity of staff members, and staff turnover rates, etc. Financial data would include all of an organization's ...

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