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Reliability of Online Sources

Hope you can help me. Here's the website. Thank you in advance.


Use search tools such as Google, Yahoo, etc., to identify a Web site intended as a resource for human services, and analyze the site based on evaluation criteria from a reliable source, such as the Wolfgram Library from Widener University. (Select "Evaluating Websites" from Widener University's Wolfgram Library Web site.)

Develop your findings in APA style. Include a discussion on the value and relevance of this site to clients and/or to human services agencies.

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Dear Student,
Hello. The solution below should get you started. I chose a State Human services website for evaluation as a sample.

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Website Evaluation: Human Services

I have chosen to review the website of the State of New Jersey's Human Services department based on the criteria provided for website evaluation by Widener University's Wolfgram Memorial Library. The web address of the site can be found here:


The website is a microsite than is fully functioning as a microsite but is also part of the bigger website www.state.nj.us, the official website of the State of New Jersey being that this department is under the office of the state of New Jersey ...

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The solution is a concise evaluation of a particular government website - how it functions, its purpose, its connection and relations to other websites, its reliability as a knowledge source and so on. The website is analysed for accuracy of information, reliability of claims, publication validation, copyright and knowledge currency used, accessibility, navigability as well as constancy of updates. The solution comes in the form of a 452-word APA-format essay. A word version is attached for easy printing. References are also listed.