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    Human Resource Questions on Training and Development

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    1. You are working on designing a training program to train new managers for the customer services division of a company. New managers get promoted and are cross trained from a variety of places within the company, as well as recruited external to your organization. All new managers must attend a training immersion program, even if they have managed elsewhere. Your training program will address the basic management skills, interpreting and applying corporate human resources policies, and how to coach individual and groups of employees. The company has identified 10 key skills that they believe new managers should reach proficiency on at the conclusion of the program. Managers work at departments in 30 of the 51 states across the country. The managers will attend 8 sessions over a period of 18 months, with about 2 months between each session.

    Based on the above information respond to the following:

    A. What kinds of information would you want to collect to address "trainability" of the audience?

    B. What kinds of delivery issues might arise?

    C. Sketch out your ideas about how a transfer plan might look. Include why you are considering these ideas.

    D. How would you evaluate the cost effectiveness of the program?

    E. Would you recommend a measurement for ROI? Why or why not?

    2. In the past two months your organization has received three complaints related to sexual harassment. All appear to have some basis in fact. Understandably concerned, your senior management has asked you to design a training program to educate employees on proper behaviors in the work place. Senior management has requested three specific proposals. A. The first is creation of a training video that can be shown to all employees. B. The second is a program to be facilitated by training/human resource personnel. C. The third is a creation of a program that can be delivered by department managers themselves. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each proposal?

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    What kinds of information would you want to collect to address "trainability" of the audience?

    1. Testing persons on their basic language, grasping, interpreting, reasoning, and understanding. Also conducting psychometric tests to know about attitude.

    Apart from above which is determining the basic trainability of the audience issue, following survey will help in knowing about relevant skills understanding to design issues, the emphasis on the various components:

    ? What type of work they have done and how successful they have been in it. What type of skills they think have been able to use for success of their work?

    ? How they define skills of planning, organizing, coordinating, leading, controlling, communication, team working, analyzing, reasoning, decision making.
    ? What do you understand about corporate policies and what it means to apply in their work areas; you can clarify the same by giving practical examples.

    What kinds of delivery issues might arise?

    1. Whether the techniques of training are in the direction of achieving objectives of training?
    2. The audience is feeling comfortable with the techniques.
    3. Whether trainers have mastery over the techniques of training.
    4. The content is relevant and comprehensible.
    5. Structuring is logical, well balanced, building up interest and concentrating on learning of concepts.

    Sketch out your ideas about how a transfer plan might look. Include why you are considering these ideas:

    1. Lecture method for imparting basic concepts of all the ...

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