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1. From our HR perspective is there a Link Between Training & Development and Retention? Recruiting for Retention? The idea of converting Employees into a Retention force? Employee Relations Tools (Compensation, Benefits, Scheduling, etc.) and Retention? Retention and its impact on the organization's strategy and business goals? Discuss each.

2. How does a strong performance Human Resource Management System influence motivation and retention?

Please help me answer these questions.

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//The given discussion paper is based on an Hr perspective. In this paper, we will talk about, how the training, development and retention are closely linked with each other. As per the directions, we will discuss about the various relations tools, in order to attract the skilled employees. So, I will write about the significant role of the training and development.//

In today's environment, training and development activities in the organization play very significant role in the retention of employees. With the workforce becoming bore, assertive and mobile, the companies are facing severe problem of employee turnover. There is strong relation between the job satisfaction and the availability of training. A trained employee does not easily think of leaving the employer, when compared to that of an employee who has not received employer sponsored training. All this is because of the fact that training not only improves the productivity of an individual employee but also enhances his knowledge. A trained employee feels enriched and values the firm for updating him with essential skills (Mamoria &Gankar, 2008).

Now the companies have realized that human resource is not less than any other resource of the company. They are the critical assets of the company. As the cost involved in ...

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