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    Developing a Human Resource Department for Titan Company

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    Can you help me to develop/write (the below 6 titles) a Human Resources department according to the data below.

    1. Identify Compensation Practices
    2. Identify Benefit Offerings (HW - personalized benefits statement)
    3. New Employee Orientation process (book outlines a process/homework)
    4. Training & Development Program
    5. Performance Evaluation Process (merit pay guidelines chart)
    6. Disciplinary Process
    o Include policy & procedures surrounding disciplinary process
    o 1 sample policy

    Company Background:
     Non-union environment
     Located in the state of Michigan.
     Employs 5,000 employees

    Organization History

    Titan was started in April of 1995 as a first tier supplier to some of the major athletic shoes manufacturers in the world such as Nike, Puma, and Converse. The company was founded by four partners of culturally diverse background. Originally focused on providing manufacturing capabilities, Titans has since matured into a formidable supplier with a world class manufacturing capability. Titan is a highly technical organization with a very high ratio of degreed and experienced engineers. Titan provides a wide range of design and manufacturing capabilities. The company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The majority of the company's manufacturing facilities are located in quiet and comfortable suburban setting of the city Grand Rapids. The company wide range of capabilities included: sales, marketing, industrial design, fashion design, tooling design, manufacturing, assembly, and shipping.

    Business Approach:
    ? Global leader - Manufacturing Capabilities
    ? Produce products correctly the first time - every time
    ? Innovative design & capabilities
    ? World class reliability

    Unique Automation:
    Titan's promise is to provide capabilities that will achieve dramatic shifts in cost and quality for our customers and deliver differentiated product solutions. Titan's strength is in our ability to integrate product and process in innovative ways to solve problems for customers.

    Manufacturing Process:
    Titan business model is not constrained by current technology and processes. We are continually exploring and seek out innovative technology. Titan is committed to using the process which provides the optimal value to our customers.

    Some processes we currently utilize:
    ? Screen Printing
    ? In Mold Labeling
    ? Stamping
    ? Plating
    ? Sonic Welding
    ? Plastic Welding
    ? Tapping
    ? Insert Molding
    ? Wire Crimping
    ? Laser Cutting
    ? Injection Molding

    Custom Manufacturing:
    The integration of product and process design in an automated production cell is implemented by a professional Titan team made up of a very high ratio of degreed engineers. By having the entire Titan team involved in the operations on the manufacturing floor we ensure that our customers are receiving exemplary service, quality and value.

    Market Niche:
    Titan has and believes in automated processes complementing manual and semi-automated assembly to increase its capabilities to serve its customers.

    Titan produces and assembles components for the athletic footwear industries. We are a company that promotes total customer satisfaction through the spirit of total cooperation and partnership. Titan is constantly breaking barriers and reaches for new boundaries. Our organization is looking for proactive people who have the will and the passion to learn and participate in a multi-task environment.

    The employees themselves are the vital resources and what make our company successful and prominent. Titan embodies a work environment with great diversity which enhances our culture and challenges employees to deepen their knowledge of others. Our organization has a fast-paced culture which actively promotes employees to develop not only themselves but to leads and mentors other team members within the organization.

    Titan is a learning organization. However, we believe and promotes fun and relationship-building at gatherings, athletic games, planning sessions, developmental classes, and various other programs for individuals and families' employees. Titan is not simply a job, as a team oriented organization, our employees are encouraged to integrate Titan as a part of their family that builds and encourages stability.

    To exceeded production goals and expectations of our customers. Our teams of individuals give more than what is asked. Every team member is encouraged to develop as a business person. We firmly believe every person is a thinking, creative, and unique individual, who wants to use their skills and talents to make a difference.

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    1. Compensation Practices: Here is a link that explains different compensation programs: http://www.hr-guide.com/data/G400.htm

    In the description of Titan employees are stressed as making the difference to the company. Since that is the case, I would think it would be logical to have a base salary for employees with a profit sharing program. In this manner as employees contribute to the company and the company does well, the employees do well. I would also encourage paying above market rate to attract the best talent and allow the company to be choosy in their selection. I would do this while acknowledging that the company already offers various other perks including employee and family gatherings, athletic games and "various other programs." In competitive industries it takes a complete package to attract and keep employees happy. I would consider each segment of the company in designing the compensation practices: production is automated, they would be on an hourly rate; sales would be commission based to encourage sales, marketing, design and development could be involved in profit sharing.

    2. Here is a sample personalized benefit statement link: http://hrforms.thompson.com/samples/HFBNF102_sample.pdf

    Here is a sample employee benefit statement for an employee making $125,000 a year at Titan:

    Titan Personalized Employee Benefits Statement

    As an employee of Titan, you receive regular pay for the services you provide. In addition, in order to show how valued you are as an employee, Titan offers you benefits of value available to you and your family. The value of these benefits is your "hidden paycheck." This personalized benefits statement describes these benefits that are in addition to your paycheck and is intended to give you a summary of the benefits you personally receive and their value.

    If you find any inaccuracies or have questions concerning your benefits and this statement, please contact Human

    Please realize that this personalized benefits statement is not a legal document. All benefits are governed by the actual benefit plans, which have precedence over the information reported in this statement. Titan reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel its benefit policies or practices with or without notice.
    Employee Name: ______Bob Smith____________ Date of Birth: ___12.28.55______ Social Security No: ___543-34-5436__ Date of Employment: _1.15.09____________ Current Salary/Rate: _$125,000____ Marital Status: ___married___
    No of Dependents: _____2_____

    Medical Benefits
    You have elected family coverage for medical and ...

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