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How human resource management played a central role in setting the moral compass at Enron

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Give detailed examples explaining how Human Resource Management could have played a central role in setting the "moral compass" at Enron, helping to form and shape the organizational culture.

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Human resource management is concerned with recruiting talent for a firm, managing, and providing direction for the employees of a firm. Because modern-day HR departments are required to add value to a firm by achieving a measurable impact, the department is involved in strategic decision making.

At Enron, the corporate culture was one of that rewarded cleverness. When the firm converted from an energy provider to a broker, the firm constantly looked for creative ways to broker deals. The HR department, as mentioned in the first paragraph, would have been responsible for creating and implementing bonus policies that would have centered around ...

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The following posting gives detailed examples explaining how human resource management could have played a central role in setting the moral compass of a company.