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    Negotiation and Conflict Management

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    Critical Thinking Questions Insight - Tootsie Roll Industries (TRI)

    1. How does Tootsie Roll Industries communicate its values to suppliers and employees?

    As you know from reading the article, TR is highly successful and popular among consumers, employees and suppliers. Why is this? To help you think more critically here, think of the reputation that TR has toward these suppliers and employees. Also, think of their perception and branding techniques being used. As the article states, the Tootsie Roll Industries management team highly encourages an open and positive mind, relating to creative ideas and concepts to better their organization and brand equity. Employees can then be able to confront and handle their conflicts and issues with ease, while being able to negotiate successfully and confidentially with business partners and competitors, ensuring a positive business culture.

    2. What communication techniques demonstrate the company's flexibility?

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    This solution reflects on negotiation and conflict management in Tootsie Roll Industries, a hugely successful company.