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Excessive conflict in a self-determined team

One of the major challenges for a highly-functioning self-determined team within an organization is the presence of excessive conflict. The course readings explained the value of conflict and debate as it relates to evaluating alternative perspectives and growing closer as a team. However, when conflict becomes excessive, team productivity can suffer. Identify the causes of excessive conflict. When describing how excessive conflict can arise, please give an example a team or a group you have worked with that has fallen victim to the causes of conflict you identify in the discussion question.

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According to Robbins (2005), a conflict arises when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected or is about to negatively affect something that the first party cares about. Excessively conflict may arise when not only two opposing parties are involved. It is possible that several parties perceive that another party has been negatively affecting or about to negatively affect what they care so much such as their rewards and benefits and their chance for growth and development.

Another possible cause of conflict (as may happen in a team) is lack of communication or no communication at all. The parties in the conflict may perceive that they have not been given the opportunity to have an access to very important information that affects their well-being.

Excessive conflict may have started as a simple conflict, that is, between two persons. However, because each person in the conflict has his/her own group of associates the parties involved ...

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