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    Team Conflict And Dysfunction

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    In further exploring the impact of conflict, the text describes the importance of embracing healthy amounts of conflict in any high-functioning organization with self-determined, motivated, and high-functioning teams. Provide an example where the fear of conflict led to team dysfunction. Describe how this challenge was overcome. How did the team learn to embrace healthy conflict? If the team never learned to embrace healthy conflict what steps could the team and or team leadership take to use healthy conflict in expanding their horizons?

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    A situation in which fear of conflict within a team created tension involved a group of adult volunteers in a youth organization. The group of adults was responsible for overseeing youth activities, teaching youth cooperation through hands-on projects, and planning monthly and yearly schedules for youth activities. Every adult had his or her own idea about the types of activities that would benefit youth, in terms of learning cooperation and developing leadership skills. Some adults had similar ideas, though the scale or scope of those ideas were different. In meetings most adults would hesitate to mention ideas about activities that were not typical for the youth organization. Typically adults agreed on the types of activities that were common to youth groups, for fear of being unable to come to agreement and provide meaningful activities for youth. The end result was disappointment for youth, who expected more and wanted greater challenge in learning activities.

    Eventually the team of adult volunteers noticed youth losing interest in the program and in attending various activities. When questioned, youth responded by stating they were bored or did not enjoy the previous planned activity. It was a wake-up call for action among the team of adults. Initially two adults from the team of six brought up ...

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    Team conflicts and dysfunctions are examined. How a team learns to embrace healthy conflict is determined.