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    Identifying Dysfunction and Changing Company Culture

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    How can companies identify dysfunction within their corporate culture? How can they identify the problems that will prevent the company strategy from being realized? And once those problems have been identified, how can companies change their culture for the better? What are real-world examples

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    Companies can identify dysfunction within their corporate culture by engaging the various departments and structures the organization holds at the real world level. A good start to this is to begin with surveys that guarantee anonymity, often through a third party vendor. Surveys should be done at regular intervals throughout the year to be able to quantify data and identify trends. The organization should also be performing a SWOT analysis and include every department are certain stages of the SWOT. When meeting with departments, especially for the individual contributors, a third party individual should be hosting any discussions so people feel more free to be open about any feedback.

    In identifications of any dysfunction this is one instance I would recommend third party analysis to aid in discovery. This is because a third party will have data across all industries making the individual company data comparable rather than subjective. Also, just as ...

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    Methods to identify company culture and dysfunction and how a company can resolve it.