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Conflict Resolution by Identifying Problem Ownership

Provide three examples of situations in which you can benefit in conflict resolution by identifying problem ownership. How can this help you to resolve conflict that may exist in the workplace that comes to your attention?

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For any relationship to be healthy there is going to be conflict. It is a normal part of the human interaction as two people can't be expected to always agree on everything, all of the time. The key in conflict resolution is for people to learn and develop the skills necessary to deal with conflicts as opposed to avoiding it at all costs (Tyler, 2010).

In the work environment, conflict exists on multiple levels and must be managed accordingly. In most organizations the employees are a diverse group with very different backgrounds that have different belief systems and values. These differences are many times at the root of the conflict. Sometimes its small things that get escalated out of control or other times its big problems that go unresolved due to fear of the conflict taking place. Neither of these situations will be beneficial if they go improperly managed (Wilson, 2009).

Identifying problem ownership entails a unique skill set in conflict resolution. It requires that an individual establish what is acceptable and unacceptable and ...

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This solution discusses the sources and resolution of conflict in healthy relationships in approximately 600 words with three APA references and in-text citations.