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    Dish: its Mission, Vision and Values

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    For your assignment this session the organization you will be reviewing is Dish. You will be considering how this organization competes within a very competitive industry.
    After reviewing materials, and additional readings, consider the organization's mission/vision/values and key stakeholders and discuss the organization's position and niche in the competitive environment.
    Make sure you present the company's mission, vision, and/or values (whatever the company makes available to the public along these lines), and discuss the company's most important primary stakeholders. Indicate whether you believe the company's mission, vision, and/or value statements are in alignment with stakeholder needs. That is, does the organization treat key stakeholders in a fashion that is in alignment with its posted mission/vision/values?
    Also, is the organization's mission/vision/values in alignment with the volatile environment in which it competes?

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    Dish was founded in 1980 by Charlie Ergen and his wife, Cantey, and their friend Jim DeFranco. Together, they form the company's most important primary stakeholders (2).

    In 2013, Dish became the third largest pay-TV operator, behind its competitors DirecTV and Comcast Corporation. In more recent years, customers have moved away from cable TV, and are flocking to cheaper Internet-based services. Many such customers believe that the high cost of television is not justified, and that they do not watch the shows they have paid for (4). Ergen's vision for the company is to "build a wireless broadband network, giving Dish a way to compete with cable operators, which use their wired networks to sell broadband as well as television service". Dish's mission statement is

    "To provide quality products through a world class sales organization to every home in America" (8).

    Ergen's goal was to bundle wireless broadband with video, to be used as a hedge against ...

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    The expert determines if the organization treats key stakeholders in a fashion that is in alignment with its posted mission/vision/values. The solution is answered in 432 words. Ten references are cited.