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    BATNA (best alternative solution to negotiate a solution: Gallant's relocation

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    What specific strategic information does Elizabeth know that Rafael doesn't know, and what specific strategic information does Rafael know that Elizabeth doesn't know?

    And based on this information what is the BATNA (best alternative solution to negotiate a solution) and reservation price? What is Elizabeth's position, and Rafael' anticipated position?

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    Elisabeth is an editorial department personnel like Nate Demolick and because of her background she isn't enough experienced in negotiations like a marketing staff. However she recently had frequent negotiations with Rafael (who is a sales employee like Alyssa) and had challenges during her negotiations with him on Medical Office Today. Nate believes that, he may be able to estimate Alyssa's possible moves and requests during the negotiation based on Elisabeth's experiences and he can be able to avoid Alyssa to reach her goals by using her negotiation skills. Rafael knows more about negotiations and the marketing department in Gallant ...

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