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Develop 5-6 interview questions

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The Home Company had been a family owned call-center business for many years. Recently, it had grown so large that it had become impossible for the family structure to handle the 2000 employees that were scattered across the country. A Fortune 200 Company had acquired it and it now has a new Board of Directors.

You are one of four Human Resource Managers. You have been hired to take over one of the geographical regions. You will be responsible for handling all safety issues and OSHA compliance.

Historically, the HR policies have been largely informal and implemented inconsistently. There had been a fair amount of nepotism. Family members or their friends filled many of the key positions.

Recently, there was a large turnover rate and the new HR managers have been instructed to create new HR policies for the new Board of Directors. The new board is made up of key executive managers from the acquiring Fortune 200 Company. They feel there is a need to upgrade the HR policies, but recognize that there must be a reasonable amount of time given for the transition.

Task -

You are reviewing the resume of an applicant. You can see that she is heavily involved in her children's schools. You wonder if she is planning to have any more children. She has an Hispanic last name and you see some grammatical errors in her resume. Training for this job is going to be lengthy, and you need to fill it with a person who will be reliable and not interested in moving for at least 2 years. In addition to the skill questions you have for her, you want to learn how she will deal with caring for her children, if her skills in English will be appropriate for the job and if she is likely to be satisfied with this position for several years. In preparing for the interview you realize there are some questions that are inappropriate or illegal to ask.

Develop 5-6 questions that you believe are legal and get to the information needed for the candidate. Instead of a question, you may alternatively post a legal way to get the information for a specific area.

This is an area that is easy to come up with questions but due to the legalities involved I am looking for assistance.

Any comments/assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I went through your thoughts and found it good. You can certainly use the set of questions listed in your document. However, I am compiling few more questions for your assistance. These questions will assist the interviewer in gathering information from the prospectice candidate:

1) How will you rate/describe yourself in learning new ...

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Develop 5-6 questions that you believe are legal and get to the information needed for the candidate.

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