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Business management and challenges

You are a manager within the marketing department of a large, high-technology computer manufacturing company. You are conducting face to face job interviews for an entry-level marketing position, and you have invited four job candidates for interviews today. As the hiring manager, create ten interview questions that you feel will provide you with the necessary information needed to make a solid hiring decision. These ten questions should help you differentiate skills sets and other traits important to the job.
Keep your questions skills-based no questions about age, gender, ethnicity or economic status(EEOC).

You may want to consider probing/gauging job candidates in the following areas:
*level of familiarity with the company
*previous experience
*educational background
*description of strengths and weaknesses

Please also write three to four sentences describing the traits you believe are important when evaluating a job candidate's credentials. For example, in your view, are the following important traits: being prompt, paying attention to detail, and being a team player or individually motivated?

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//The given discussion paper is mainly based on the traits that are very crucial while measuring a job candidate's credentials. In this section, we also talk about what information is mainly required when hiring individuals. As per the directions, we will provide you some interview questions that are mainly asked at the time of interview. So, we will write about the marketing interviews under the heading of Introduction.//


As a marketing manager of a high-technology computer manufacturing company, I have to hire individuals for entry level marketing position. At this level, education ...

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