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    Crisis communication efforts

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    Provide two examples (personal, local, work, state, school, national or international) of crisis communication efforts

    * In your opinion, did the appropriate leader or manager handle the crisis communication effectively? Why or Why Not?
    * What additional or different responses would you suggest?

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    The first is a public one, at the state level and during the hurricane season of 2004 in Florida. The third hurricane was going to hit the state and the leaders of the state's emergency management held regular news conferences to keep the public up to date on the planning and the implementation of solutions. The governor was the leader and the heads of the various agencies. In this case, the governor was the correct leader. He handled the announcements, repeated them in Spanish for those who needed it, and then introduced and ...

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    The expert examines crisis communication efforts. Whether the appropriate leader or manager should handle the crsis communication effectively is determined. Additional or different responses are examined.