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    Hi Adina,

    Would you please give me a guideline/your opinion like you did on my previous assignment.
    Please see attached file.

    Thank you

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    Hi! Thanks for selecting me once more!

    I won't actually mystery shop the stores, but I will provide you with information, if you then would choose to mystery shop them. I also sometimes won't breakdown my answer by the different stores but provide you with a general answer which you can then apply to the stores.

    1. Describe any evidence can you find of the merchant's other channels on:

    Best Buy - this is a wonderful example of a company that uses brick and mortar stores, and an online store. They have a very strong physical store presence, with thousands of stores in the US and Canada, but they also have a very strong online presence, with a powerful e-commerce site. Their print ads will often showcase the url of the website, and often their e-newsletters will encourage you to visit a store.

    JC penny is also a merchant where you can visit the store, but in this case, there are 2 more channels to purchase items - online and through a catalogue, where they mail you your merchandise when you place an order over the phone. Their catalogue will feature their phone number and URL. Their website has a realtime copy of their flyer.

    1. Does the merchant facilitate cross-channel shopping - catalog shop on the website, website shop in the retail store, etc.?

    Best Buy - This website allows you to pick up the items that you purchase in a store, which facilities cross-channel shopping. This is beneficial for a customer since they can save on shipping fees, and get their item faster. As well, when they go to pick up their item, they might pick up something else in the store. The brick and mortar store also encourages you to visit the website for special deals. Both channels essentially help promote each other. The website also lists all of the stores in the chain, and the store has posters with their url of the website.

    JC Penny - The catalogue allows you to place an order online or on the phone or in-store. This is the ultimate in cross-channel shopping.

    2. Describe any type of codes or numbers that the merchant is using and/or prompting you to provide during ...

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    Would you please give me a guideline/your opinion like you did on my previous assignment.