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Cultural or societal issues for global expansion of bathing suits

Your client, a multichannel direct marketer of expensive bathing suits for women 21-30 years old, has asked you to develop a plan to expand its business globally. Initially they would like to look at three countries with large sea coasts: Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and Spain. They would like to use direct mail initially. What cultural or societal issues are there in creating marketing material for these three markets? Which of the three markets would you choose as the best for this expansion, and why?

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Several factors must be considered for Global expansion of any business. The company must consider issues on Ethical and Cultural Diversity, Viability of the product to the country it would want to include in the expansion, Marketability and Tariff, Mores and Social Issues, Laws, religious belief and other customs, etc.

In your case, you are to develop marketing plan globally for your bathing suits for middle-age adults in Brazil, UAE and Spain. ...

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The cultural or societal issues for global expansion of bathing suits are examined.