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Beer Branding

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Taking beers, Coors Light, Heneikin and Bud Light
Base your study on the brands' features, prices, and market shares.

You must view these products objectively and then as consumers see it. Do the consumers have similar expectations of the product?

Write an article about the claimed qualities and uses of the products and brands. Do the products fulfill their promise as they claim? Use your personal experience and observations, the experiences of your family and friends with the products and their brands, as well as relevant research.

Finally, based on what you've learned, write profiles of three hypothetical consumers of the product, specifying the brands. Which consumer is likely to buy which brand?

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Beer Branding

Objective View - Coors Light, Heineken and Bud Light, all are beers but that is where the similarities end. Coors Light promotes itself as "The World's Most Refreshing Beer." Heineken wants the consumer to "Meet the Beer. Share the Magic." Bud Light says "The Difference is Drinkability." Now that we know what the manufacturer wants us to know about the product, we must look at how the consumer sees the product, as the consumer is the lifeline for these products. Even as many products are on the market, these three products have their specific client base.

Market Share - Coors Light is viewed as a social beer, whereas Bud Light is a true party beer. Heineken is perceived as an import and promoted to the upscale market, as the price is the highest of the three, with Coors Light in the middle and Bud Light being the most affordable of the beers in this article. (Consumer Reports 2008) The beer's rankings, according to the latest survey in 2002, are Bud ...

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The solution discusses beer branding of Coors Light, Heineken and Bud Light

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