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    Heineken International: SWOT & Competitive Strategies

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    1. In terms of Heineken International's operations, describe your impression.

    2. Conduct a SWOT Analysis of Heineken International.

    3. What is its competitive strategy/advantage?

    4. Using one of their products, detail the parts of the product value chain.

    5. Are there any strategic alternatives open to Heineken International?

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    //Before moving towards the further study, it is very essential that we should have a lot of knowledge about the company, which can satisfy our queries like what is the nature of the company, product line, administration of the company etc. Here, we will discuss the company introduction.//


    Heineken International is one of the leading organizations that manufactures and markets different beer brands. Heineken sells its beer in all parts of the world. The sales and profitability are also one of the leading factors for Heineken. The most popular brands of the company are Heineken and Amstel. Heineken has been working in the industry for the last 130 years. The company focuses to enhance its brands image and financial performance. It produces 170 brands in 65 countries with the help of 115 breweries. The distribution channel of Heineken is also strong which helps the company become the market leader (Heineken International, 2005).

    //Heineken International is an international company which is showing its presence at the global level. We will move further and get insight about the firm's world wide operation, which is important for our study. //

    Operation of Heineken International

    Heineken deals only with beer products. The operations of the company are spread over numerous emerging and matured markets. The strong worldwide presence of Heineken demonstrates that the operations of the company are also impressive. There are several risks and uncertainties in the activities of Heineken. The brand of the company is recognized and accepted in all parts of the world. The profitability and reputation of the company is heightened by the steady attention of management.

    The business of the company was beefed up by the regular development and the consolidation of different activities. Some effective processes are included by the company in its operations which reduces its risk and makes effective operations. The information system of Heineken is one of the main advantages in the daily operations of the company. Most of the operations at the global level depend on its information system. The information is gathered and integrated with the help of this information system which creates different security policies and ensure privacy (Heineken International, 2005).

    The internal control of Heineken is of high quality. The uniform process at all the units of the company at different parts of the world is implemented by Heineken. The financial and management treatment and day to day proceedings of the company are assured by the management of the company which makes its operations secured. Different sorts of strategies are formulated and implemented by Heineken International in order to make its operations effective and efficient. The performance of the company is evaluated at the regional level that helps in controlling the operations.

    Risk management and control is the responsibility of the executive board. The corporate department of Heineken monitors the performance of different systems and processes. The best practices of a unit are shared by all the other units of Heineken. All the above facts give a positive impression of the operations of Heineken International (Heineken International, 2005).

    //After discussing the company's operations, we have become feasible for further study. Now, we move further and discuss the company's SWOT analysis. In it, we will see what the core strengths and weaknesses of the company are. //

    SWOT Analysis

    Strengths and weaknesses are internal to the organization whereas opportunities and threats are external to the organization.


    The strengths of an organization can be ...