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Appealing & Unappealing Brands

In your opinion, what are the top three new brands that are most appealing and least appealing to you or your family?

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List the top three NEW brands that are appealing to you or your family. Explain why the brands are a good fit.

1. Gatorade Pro Series (http://www.gatorade.com/default.aspx#gseriespro?s=gseriespro|) is a new brand from Gatorade that is targeted for professional athletes, or at least those athletes who want to fuel like a professional. The line includes chews and a concentrated formula for fueling pre-exercise, an endurance drink made up of electrolytes and carbohydrates for fueling during performance, and a protein and carbohydrate drink for recovery. This is a great fit for my lifestyle since I spend so much time exercising and competing. I feel good about the science behind the product, and the well-thought out stages to help me perform well and recover quickly.

2. UNIQLO: This is easy, cheap style all wrapped up in one brand! This is a great brand because it is so simple and well crafted. You want this brand to take over your life and make it simple and stylish without making you look like a billboard or spending a fortune. My family enjoys the style and ...

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This solution discusses the most appealing and most unappealing of new brands. Links are given.