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Consumer Oriented Promotions: General Mills

What kinds of consumer oriented promotions General Mills is conducting for its brands and products? Which promotions seem the most appealing to the customer and why?

I need it to be at least 500 words and include two references.

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General Mills offers many consumer oriented promotions to spark interest in its' brands. General Mills was the first consumer packaged goods company to use Groupon to run a promotion, offering consumers a sampler pack of General Mills product worth up to $40 for just $20. The company tried this promotion in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, and was able to sell out of the promotional packs within hours. A total of 4,500 consumers were reached and able to respond via mobile and online technology, a coup in reaching new customers.

General Mills also offers consumers coupons via newspaper inserts, and directly on the General Mills website. This practice has enabled the company to raise retails but still offer consumers an incentive to buy its' brands. Furthermore, General Mills promotes its "Box Tops for Education" program in which families can save the tops of various General Mills products and submit them to the company to earn money for their school. Each box top is ...

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This detailed solution outlines the consumer oriented promotions General Mills conducts for its' brands and products, and which promotions are most appealing to the customer and why. It includes APA formatted references.