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Create a survey to address a business problem

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Prepare a 10-13-question survey to collect primary data regarding your selected problem statement. Please note that you will not administer this survey as part of this assignment.
Your survey questions should include a mixture of categorical (nominal and ordinal) and quantitative (interval and ratio) variables.

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Survey on the new drink - this will be a business problem revolving around a new soft drink that was launched, and it is not selling very well. The research will be conducted to examine why this is occurring.

1) When thinking of soft drinks, please name all brands that come to mind.

This question tries to assess unbiased awareness. Now, since the survey is done by computer, the computer can automatically analyze if they typed on 123 drink.

So therefore, we ask question 2 ONLY to those who did NOT mention 123 drink in Q.1

2) Are you aware of 123 drink?
- yes
- no

This question will see if people are aware of the drink - if they are not aware of it, then they would not purchase it.

Now we know those who are aware, vs those who are unaware. We want to specifically ask people who are aware about their experience with 123 cola.

So for the next few questions, only ask to those who were AWARE in q.2

3) Where have you seen 123 drink? ...

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The solution creates a survey to address a business problem. The survey includes a mixture of categorical and quantitative variables.