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    What is the purpose of feedback?

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    What is the purpose of feedback?
    what are the feedback goals?
    how do I give feedback?
    How do I respond to feedback?
    Provide constructive feedback conclusion.

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    -What is the purpose of feedback?

    Feedback is a universal necessity in all organizations and personal development. Managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and students rely upon feedback to move forward with specific career choices and improvement methods. Employees receive feedback from employers to determine an employee's future with a company. Organizations that produce and manufacture products rely on feedback to enhance a products abilities and consumer benefits. When products are first launched, they undergo an extensive pretesting period to gain insight from the public. For example, there is a new product that is currently being tested before nationwide distribution for the "Google glasses", in which a consumer can walk the neighborhood while being on the internet simultaneously. The product allows users to take pictures in an instant, utilize GPS for proximity directions, in addition to the vast technological capabilities users can also network socially, and conduct research. Google initiated a small sample size geared towards a specific demographic that would try the new spectacles and provide feedback which is generally used as a means to determine how the public perceives and receives the product and if it will be something that is in high demand. Feedback is used as a tool to build awareness and to participate in organizational improvement. For example, I recently purchased a power adapter for a Macbook. I was searching for an item that was less expensive than the Apple store version of the product. During my search I found several products in various price ranges, however I was able to make my purchase based on the feedback of other users. Some products had unsavory reviews whereas others had reviews from consumers that were extremely satisfied with their purchases. To make a long story short, I based my decision on which item had the most positive reviews from previous consumers. In essence, I received my product and made the right decision.

    What are the feedback goals?

    There are ...