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    Assume that a Handheld company is going to get into the smartphone business.

    If Handheld wants to grow their smartphone business, what do you think the feedback loop consists of to cause this growth? (Would this be reinforcing or balancing?)

    What are the cause and effect factors in the feedback loop that will create growth in this market for Handheld? Describe the loop and the learning opportunities that Handheld must take advantage of to be successful.

    about 400 words, 3 references

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    //In this paper, we will discuss the scenario of the handheld company which is expanding their business in the new line I.e. Smart phones. In this paper, we will also discuss the feedback loop which exists in the company to support the growth. In this paper we will also deals with the cause and effect factors in the feedback loop which will help in developing the market for handheld company.//

    Handheld company is expanding its business by moving into the new line, I.e. Smart phones. Therefore, moving into the new line feedback loops will help in enhancing the amelioration happening in the company's system. As the company is growing into the new line, the reinforcing feedback loop exists to increase the growth of the company. The reinforcing feed back loop is a structure in which small change develops on itself and in this process, the movement of the function happens to enlarge it and develop other functional movement in the same direction. Reinforcing loops exist in the company at the time when the company is expanding or growing. Reinforcing loop is set in the motion to develop the expected outcome, as it helps in building the success of the company. Since, Hendheld wants to grow in their smart phones business; the feedback signal should be combined with new input, so that any kind of changes ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 853 words with references.