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Structure of enzyme proteins -confused

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My question asks
To discuss the general structure of ENZYME PROTEINS
how the stucture of enzymes allows them to fulfill their biological role.

I have found information on proteins and on enzymes, however it specifically asks for enzyme proteins, so I think it is a bit of a trick question,and I don't know how to start...Plwase help

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The wording of this question does seem a little bit tricky at first glance, however, there is one concept that is important to answering this question. You need to understand the relationship between proteins and enzymes. What relationship is that? Almost all enzymes are proteins! (Almost? SOME RNA molecules have enzymatic activity, these are called "ribozymes", but at the "year 1" level, you probably haven't learned about those yet, so don't worry about them.)
<br>Ok - almost all enzymes are proteins......specialized proteins that catalyze chemical reactions. Does that mean all proteins are enzymes? NO. That is important to remember -- proteins have many different functions (structural, ligand binding, heme/oxygen carrying, etc.) -- only some proteins are enzymes.
<br>The structure of an enzyme (ie. protein) is ...

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How does the structure of enzymes allow them to fulfill their biological role?

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