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    Duel-receptor vs. Altered Self models in T cells

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    The two proposed models of T-cell recognition are the Duel-receptor and Altered Self theories. We now know that thanks to the experimentation done by J.W. Kappler, the Altered Self model is the correct of the two.

    But suppose back before this was known, what sort of experiment could we maybe do in order to differentiate between these two possible models? Again this is assuming we know about MHC restriction, but neither the T cell receptor, MHC molecules, nor their genes have been isolated/purified/sequenced.

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    One experiment would be as follows:

    Take two T cell hybridoma cell lines, that recognized different antigens on different MHC molecules. Fuse these two cell ...

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    This solution describes an experiment that could be performed to distinguish between two different models of T cell recognition - the dual receptor model or the altered self model.