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    Translation: How to determine an amino acid from mRNA.

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    The nucleotide sequence of a DNA codon is GTA. In an mRNA molecule transcribed from this DNA, the codon has the sequence ___. In the process of protein synthesis, a tRNA pairs with the mRNA. The nucleotide sequence of the tRNA anticodon is ___. The amino acid attached to the tRNA is ___.

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    A codon is a three nucleotide sequence from DNA. mRNA is transcribed from DNA, where C (cytosine) nucleotides pair with G (guanine) nucleotides and A (adenine) nucleotides pair with U (uracil) nucleotides (Thymine, or T is in DNA, while U, uracil, replaces T in RNA). mRNA is made opposite to DNA, so a TTC DNA sequence is equivalent to a AAG mRNA sequence. This part of the process is called genetic ...

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    How to use a mRNA sequence and its codon to determine the amino acid type of a protein.