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    Essay about DNA, mRNA, translation

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    For this assignment, you are to describe the processes involved in making a protein, starting with the DNA in the nucleus and ending with the formation of a polypeptide.

    Make sure to include the following in your discussion:

    1. What is the role of DNA in the cell?

    2. What is the role of mRNA and why is it necessary? What is the name of the process

    in which mRNA is produces? Where in the cell does it take place?

    3. How is information encoded in the mRNA molecule?

    4. What is translation? Where in the cell does it take place?

    5. What is the role of tRNA in translation? How is the information in an mRNA molecule

    translated into a chain of amino acids?

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    Protein production in the cell begins in the nucleus when the DNA has been exposed and is ready for processing. DNA is used to store the genetic information for all the proteins in the cell. It must first be transcribed by RNA polymerases in a process called transcription. This produces the mRNA strand that is exported out of the nucleus. The mRNA will be used to actually change the genetic code into protein. Since transcription takes place in the nucleus, it must be exported to the cytoplasm ...

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    An essay describing transcription and translation along with the genetic code and the major molecules that encode proteins in the cell.