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Protein Translation

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What is protein translation? In your own words, briefly describe the steps. Where does it take place?

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Protein translation is the process by which proteins are constructed from amino acids (the "building blocks" of proteins). It is called translation because it is a way of translating the genetic code in RNA (which in turn got the code from DNA) into a specific protein. The steps are:

1. Initiation:

A small subunit of a ribosome binds the mRNA "upstream" (on the 5' side) of the beginning of the region that is to be "translated" into a protein. It proceeds downstream (5' -> 3') until it encounters the start codon AUG. This codon (a series of 3 bases in the mRNA) indicates the beginning ...

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The solution describes the steps in building a protein from an mRNA sequence. The expert determines where the protein translation occurs.