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Potter box ethical dilemma

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Using the top paragraph in the attached document as background for the "situation review" quadrant of the Potter Box, complete the other three quadrants of the Box in at least 25 lines of copy for "the two competing values at stake," "application of at least two moral philosophies," and "choosing loyalties."

Here's the situation:
You are the president of an all Hispanic high school and you are having severe budget problems. Hiram Walker, Coors and Heinekin each have approached you with an offer of $10 million for your school if you allow their advertising on the school grounds. What is your response? Accept or reject? Accept with conditions? What?

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The Potter Box is a graphic organizer that is a visual way to make comparisons when a decision needs to be made. It allows you to place the opposing points of view onto paper where they can be compared, which sometimes helps you to make the final decision. At least it puts onto paper the conflict between the two views, and the process of thinking through the reasons and putting the conflict into words sometimes makes your decision easier.

The 4 categories in this Potter's Box are already spelled out in your assignment instructions. These are: Using the top paragraph as background for the "situation review" quadrant of the Potter Box, complete the other three quadrants of the Box in at least 25 lines of copy for "the two competing values at stake," "application of at least two moral philosophies," and "choosing loyalties.

SO - the four parts of the comparison Potter's Box would look like this - and PLEASE feel free to add to, delete from, rearrange, change or otherwise edit these suggestions to more closely match what you were thinking about this issue. It is supposed to be "your" response, and should reflect your ideas, thoughts, convictions and personality.

Situation review quadrant: Three manufacturers of questionable products have each offered you 10 million dollars for your extremely cash-strapped school. This money would instantly and for quite some time adequately address most of the issues your school faces which can be fixed with an application of cash: materials and supplies, renovations, infrastructure and other necessary things which at present you (as the school's administrator) are unable to provide for the school, based on the current budget. The catch is that these three manufacturing companies will donate this money only if you will permit them to advertise their questionable products to your vulnerable population of high school students (who are mostly not of legal age to purchase and use these products), on your high school campus. The three products are first, tobacco products, which include cigarettes, chewing tobacco and snuff. These products are known to cause cancer, especially when begun at an early age, to the lungs, mouth and throat, among other areas of the body. The sale of these products are generally restricted from purchase by minors, which most of your school's students are. The second company's products are beer and malt beverages, which are alcoholic, and addictive to susceptible persons, who cannot know they are susceptible until addiction has already taken place. The third product is another alcoholic beverage company, also specializing in beer and malt beverages, whose products are also not legal for ...

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Ethical situation for a high school principal who needs money for his school, and can get it, but from questionable sources. What to do? Discussion of issues for each quadrant.

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