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    Game Theory - dominant strategy for each firm

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    Scenario DD Consider the game below:
    What kind of game is shown in Scenario DD?
    Dominant Paradox.
    Dominant game
    Prisoner's Dilemma
    Cournot's Duopoly Game
    It is not possible to tell what kind of game it is because the strategies have not been identified.

    Nash game

    **(The numbers should be in a box, with Player B across the top & Strategy B1 & Strategy B2 underneath)
    Player B
    Strategy Strategy
    B1 B2
    PlayerA: Strategy A1 600,600 100,1000
    Strategy A2 1000,100 200,200

    **(Player A should be to the left of the box with Strategy A1, followed by Strategy two just underneath).

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    Player A has a dominant strategy - Strategy A2. Irrespective of whatever strategy B takes, A would always take strategy A2. Player B has a dominant ...

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    This post identifies a scenario for a given game situation from game theory.