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    Nintendo Wii Process Improvement: Stock, Supply, Demand

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    Please provide assistance to complete the following:

    Based on Nintendo Wii's stocking issues. Summarize the requirements necessary for creating and implementing a quality improvement process.

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    After reviewing your attachment, I wrote a process summary for you which you could utilize and use as a guide and placed it within the essay before the conclusion. What I have written is highlighted as a whole section. Don't forget to write your references down.

    Analyzing a Process in Nintendo Company: Stocks

    Nintendo needs to plan at least five months before a peak season. This will help them make effective use of demand and supply management tools, thus avoiding the lost revenues and the grieved buyers. Although the future is always unpredictable, and estimating future sales is harder, multiple mishaps on buying opportunities at peak times can be distilled to a precise point. They need to shift from "push" to "pull" manufacturing models. Buyers provide a quick channel of disseminating information around the globe on new products for sale. They need to apply the tools at their doorstep to align optimally supply and demand. This calls for effective understanding of the time and resources needed (Burrill, & Ledolter, 2006).

    Among these resources Nintendo should make use of point of sales (POS) data. Although mostly thought of as misleading and cumbersome, research has shown that POS greatly improves demand for management. The benefit of POS is the result does not wait for the shipment of the order but rather offers a local study tool (Burrill, & Ledolter, 2006).

    Management should point out, analyze and take appropriate actions by using particular strategies to meet new goals. They need to carry out a benchmarking exercise, which involves evaluating the business production process and performance on parameters such as, productivity, cost and quality based on the industry's standard measure. This provides a clear picture of where the organization stands in the industry, as well enabling them to carry a Business Process Improvement (BPI), and optimize the inspiring processes for effective results.

    BPI involves:
    • Redefining the goals and objectives of the company (who are they, what they want to do, why do they need to do)
    • Establishing the organizations customers (who do they need to serve?)
    • Organizing the business process to achieve the objectives (how do they achieve this)
    BPI strategies is about causing rapid, radical changes rather than the gradual step-by-step improvements.

    Nintendo as a company has a seal of quality for its video games, accessories and other console items. This gives the company a green light to trade its products in American, European and Australian, markets. This has been crucial for the company's entry into these markets. However, much is required to ensure the sustainability of quality. An all round organization-wide quality approach needs to be adopted, thus Total Quality Management (TQM). TQM is founded on the interrelations between advanced technology and non-financial performance yardsticks. Of late companies which have been accredited by the International Organization for ...

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