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Management Philosophy & Theories and Currents Trends

I need assistance. Choose an area of management philosophy. Locate four articles or books on your philosophy written by different management theorists and published in the past 5 years in academic literature. The articles or books may be theory articles, research articles, or a combination. Develop a table to identify similarities and difference in the theory discussions. Attached is a sample table.

Define management philosophy and theory. What are the differences between the concepts?

What are the major trends in management philosophy and how relevant they are to 21st. century management realities.

Identify a current philosophy related to intraorganizational structure that conflicts with the philosophy of administrative or scientific management. Why did this philosophy arise?


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The solution is a 1,856 word essay (the word version contains a table) on Management philosophy which looks at a recent list of theorists and their philosophies via their published work and via them does the following: provides a definition of management philosophy & theory, present trends & their relevance and discusses on philosophy in-depth as it is applied by a popular company for growth and management. References are listed for expansion, a word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.