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Nintendo and Competitor Analysis Framework

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During 2007-9 the Nintendo Wii established leadership over the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in the market for video game consoles. Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is completely dependent upon the video games industry for its revenues. How might Nintendo use the competitor analysis framework outlined in attached file to predict the likely reactions of Sony and Microsoft to its market success.

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Nintendo would use the competitor analysis framework to predict the likely reactions of Sony and Microsoft by taking the following steps:

1. Strategy: Nintendo would trove top management communication for information regarding corporate action, and input about the industry. In addition they would be vigilant about keeping an eye on the company websites. It would be worthwhile to subscribe to all industry news available: through stockbrokers, blogs, trade magazines. By purchasing even a small amount of stock in each company it would allow Nintendo further information about its' competitors' strategy.

2. To determine its' competitor's objectives Nintendo would read the news sources mentioned above to look for stated goals. Often these are released ...

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This detailed solution outlines how Nintendo could use the competitor analysis framework to predict reactions of Sony and Microsoft. It takes into account strategy, competitor objectives, industry assumptions, and competitor resources. It includes links and examples.

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