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    Nintedo: Wii Inventory Process Analysis

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    From the student:

    Wow, was this a hard assignment for the team.We came up with Nintendo as the organzation and the Production Procees (inventory to keep up with customer demand - why is it out of stock so much and why can't Nintendo produce the amounts needed - is it poor planning, etc.)? I have section A (A description of the process targeted for improvement). About four hundred or so words if you can help me out with this. Thanks again with all your help in my studies. I have really learned alot from you as a mentor.

    The problem:

    Your Learning Team represents a group of employees or managers in the organization and has been selected to run a pilot process improvement team. Select an organization that is agreed upon by your LT and prepare a 1,400 - 2,100 word paper in which you choose a process for improvement in your selected organization. Include the following ...
    a. A description of the process targeted for improvement
    b. A description of why analyzing a process can be useful in improving quality
    c. Quality tools that you would recommend using to collect and present data from this type of process
    d. An analysis of the process variability based upon your understanding of the process and any data collected
    Conclude your presentation by providing recommendations for process improvement strategies for your selected process. Be sure to include a discussion of how your quality improvement strategy is linked to the strategic goals of the organization.

    Please see attachments.

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    Dear Student,
    I am not surprised you chose Nintendo because of their innovative approach but in my opinion, if you are looking to implement effective improvement and your target is the gaming industry, Xbox and playstation could have been better choices as Nintendo has stolen the lead from them, immensely I might add. When the Wii came around, Nintendo was being written off as a competitor in the gaming world what with the mighty competition between the Xbox and the playstation by Microsoft and Sony - the rules of the game then were better graphics, faster microchips and hype - lots of hype. Plus, Xbox had Bungie studios making HALO the game exclusively for them, the game that helped them push for market dominance against PS2 - Nintendo's GameCube was no match for these heavy players despite the fact that it was Nintendo who created the gaming industry we know today with the first family computer consoles. But in 2006, Nintendo introduced the world to the Wii - a gaming concept so revolutionary as it changed the way gaming is experienced - the console itself is compact and light, the chips powerful, the graphics and software compared to the efficiency of Apple. But what set it apart is it's remote. Wirelesses, yes but Sony and Xbox have them too. What they did not do is to create a remote that's intuitive and a game designed to this intuitive motion detection with pinpoint accuracy. Combined with the nanchuck, the Wii freed gamers from the limitations of button controls and let them play beyond the limitations of the game ruled by button combinations. Gaming was just not for 'gamers' anymore - everybody could - the entire family could, especially with the addition of the Wii fit. Consider these first Wii US Commercials:


    From being written off, Wii took in a new market, non gamers become gamers, the Wii become a tool for exercise, for gatherings - for a lot of social events that really limited the previous consoles before. Of course the 'serious' gaming titles adapted too - Tombraider, resident evil, to name a few. New favourites surfaced - Rayman ...

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    The solution is a complex yet detailed analysis of the gaming company Nintendo and their successful gaming console Wii. The solution looks at issues with stocks and inventory in relation to demand. It is a Process Improvement Solution aimed at providing a comprehensive analysis of the current Nintendo Inventory system. The solution provides a step-by-step guide to students in creating an analytical Process Improvement study for a company (here, Nintendo is the chosen example). References are provided. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.