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    Gender Issues Advertising Campaigns

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    Focus on an advertising campaign from a specific company or selected a genre of advertising to analyze. Select at least 3 to 5 to ads to use as part of your analysis.
    Try to connect Susan Bordo's essay "beauty (re)discovers the male body", John Berger "ways of seeing", and michel Foucault "Panopticism" ideas into the paper.

    Based on your understanding of each author, begin to examine how the ads, slogans, and images convey what it means to be a masculine, feminine, black or white, etc.
    What do you make of the differences in their accounts of power and knowledge? What is important about "the gaze" and "the body" for Berger, Bordo, and Foucault?

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    Basically, according to Berger, one does not look objectively. Rather, looking involves a subjective process between the spectator and the object viewed. This subjective process is governed not exclusively by the individual but rather also by the context where the viewer is located. It is not a singular process or perception by a process taking place between the looker and what is recognized. For this reason, an image can represent something more or beyond what it actually is and can take on immense power. In the case of advertising this means that what is used to advertise a product, for example a woman being used to advertise a commercial diet takes on a meaning beyond commercial diet user or woman via the ...

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    The gender issues advertising campaigns are examined.