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Brief History of Jeremiah Johnson and Stages Of Development

I need a brief history of Jeremiah Johnson with references using Erickson's stages. I need references and simple bullet points.

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Jeremiah "liver eating" Johnson (Johnston) was the son of an alcoholic father who worked him "to death" and extremely brutal which more than likely led to his development in early, middle, and late childhood. (Erikcon's 3rd and 4th stages of development)
- Negative experiences and over-controlling parents at these stages directly impact child development in a negative way (Hockenbury and Hockenbury, 2006, Psychology, page 392)
- Add this to Kohlberg's Stage of Punishment and Obedience theory and you have a child who learns how to do the "right" thing to avoid punishment which contributes to his learned manipulation for the next stage which is mutual benefit.

During Adolescence (5th stage), the continued expectations of his father who sent him to neighboring farms to earn money for the family as well as the ...

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Jeremiah Johnson (Jeremiah Garrison) has many stories to his life. Whether he was a "liver-eater" or "crow killer" his life was developed through negative reinforcements throughout his life, especially during the developmental stages of childhood. Having a demanding alcoholic father placed unrealistic pressures on him as a child which stunted his developmental growth. The impact of this throughout his life was altering and debilitating.